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Disconnect to connect

Everytime we travel is a new opportunity to explore, learn and connect with ourselves. The frenetic rhythm of the routine, added to the increasing social pressure, is slowly affecting our mental health, I have never heard so many times the word "anxiety". Whether if you are working for a company or having your own business, the pressure forces ourselves to take a break more often.

Last October, after shooting the campaign of Casa No Tempo in Alentejo, I rented a van to visit southern Portugal with the mission of fully immersing ourselves in Portuguese culture. We were just recovering from a very emotional and intense season and all we wanted was to enjoy every minute, without schedules and with all the flexibility in the world. Since I was a kid I have traveled this way and it is an incredible feeling of freedom and beautiful way to meet people.

I wanted to share with you another way to travel the world, slowly, without filters, without schedules and beautiful. These are some memories I took during the trip. I hope you like them!

April 2021