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About Anane

Anane is a fashion brand, known for its swimwear collections. Arising from a constant exploration of the environment, it starts in 2019 with the goal of breathing fresh air to the fashion community and rethink the swimwear industry.

Its collections feature its own imaginary, that surges from singular locations around the globe. Every collection includes architectural details from that place, its culture, memories and the colours and textures of the landscape around it. Each piece is designed among these influences and fused with the brand's own universe.

Anane explores the liaison between architecture and fashion. Starting from its physical characteristics, appearance and aesthetics while diving into the stories and emotions that it hides underneath. From a minimal architecture to an old space, each case may inspire baroque pieces –full of details and prints– or possibly some others with a vanguard look –made of subtle and neutral lines.

Many disciplines study shapes, proportions, geometry and volumes. Each one works with its own materials and rules which, combined together pursue a functional and aesthetic sense that makes us feel good. Such a way of understanding design allows to inspire pieces with custom patterns, allowing us to rethink architectural shapes and adapt them to our own body.

Nature also plays a major role in every design we ship, bringing them texture, colour and life. We mirror ourselves with nature, producing collections made of proximity materials and minimalist designs. The end result are timeless pieces that will endure trends. Such vision allows for a manufacturing process that respects our environment and grants each article a unique value that varies on each collection.

Anane's designs also feature culture, personal stories, experiences and impregnated memories. They are tales that we want to share with the community.

In short, Anane's mission is to reinvent the way of consuming and appreciating fashion, favouring products with an added value that appeal our visual senses and emotions. We believe in fashion as a way to appreciate art, celebrate beauty and creating an inclusive universe where everyone feels at home.

Our collections are a time travel that reinvents a past style to build a future full of stories.